Who am I


Born in Lisbon, Portugal,  in May 1974, photography has been a keen interest from a very young age, although not fully pursued until many years later. The turning point came in 2002, when after concluding a degree in computer science and management and looking for further interests, an SLR camera was purchased to return to a childhood passion. From this point forward Nuno dedicated most of his free time to photography and has invested in a continual learning process, on both technical and theoretical levels and insists that his best work is yet to be done. Passionate for his home country, he has been unable to resist the irresistible pull of capturing the beauty of his surroundings. Through his camera, Nuno captures with a unique vision the drama and poetic beauty that nature has to offer in its wildest state. Nuno has also travelled to many locations worldwide to continue his passion for photography and currently lives in Brasil, which is offering many exciting opportunities to add to his ever growing collection of work. The acknowledgement of his work has been extremely rewarding and Nuno has seen his work published in both national and international magazines, as well as his work shown in several exhibitions, both collectively and of his own work. Nuno has been invited to contribute to articles and blogs and well as participate on the judging panel of many photography contests.

Workshops & Photo Tours

Proudly, Nuno is one of the founding members of “Primeira Luz – Experiências Fotográficas”, created in 2007 and offers workshops and photo tours from the north to the south of Portugal. The main objective is to serve photography enthusiasts wishing to improve both their skills and vision. On the website www.primeiraluz.pt you can find all the information needed about Primeira Luz, as well as our workshop calendar (available in Portuguese only).


All images presented on this page are available for fine art prints  in 20x30cm (75€), 30x40cm (100€), 50×70 (130€) and 100x70cm (175€). The price presented here excludes frame, passepartout, shipping and packaging. For questions and inquiries, or help in deciding which images to pick, please contact us.

Articles & Publications

Here you can find some of the author´s publications, in several magazines all over the world.

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